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What Is VisionBlue?

VisionBlue is an eye drop medicine that your eye doctor may use to stain part of your eye lens during eye surgery. The lens is the part of your eye that focuses light that enters the eye.

When should VisionBlue not be used?

  • Your eye doctor should not use VisionBlue if they are placing a certain type of new lens into your eye The dye in VisionBlue may stain certain types of lenses.

What Are The Risks?

VisionBlue can cause the following side effects:

  • Staining of certain types of lenses that your doctor may insert into your eye.

  • Staining of other parts of the eye.

What Should I Tell My Eye Doctor?

Before your eye surgery, tell your eye doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. VisionBlue should only be used during your eye surgery if needed.

VisionBlue FDA Approved 2004
Patient Information Sheet Revised 06/2005

Date created: June 22, 2005


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