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What is Vesicare?

Vesicare is a prescription medicine used in adults to treat the following symptoms due to a condition called overactive bladder:

  • Having to go to the bathroom too often, also called “urinary frequency”

  • Having a strong need to go to the bathroom right away, also called “urgency”

  • Leaking or wetting accidents, also called “urinary incontinence.”

Vesicare has not been studied in children.

Who Should Not Use Vesicare?

Do not take Vesicare if you:

  • are not able to empty your bladder (also called “urinary retention”)

  • have delayed or slow emptying of your stomach (also called “gastric retention”)

  • have an eye problem called “uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma”

  • are allergic to Vesicare or any of its ingredients.

What are The Risks?

The most common side effects with Vesicare are:

  • Blurred vision. Use caution while driving or doing dangerous activities until you know how Vesicare affects you.

  • Dry mouth

  • Constipation. Call your doctor if you get severe stomach area (abdominal) pain or become constipated for 3 or more days.

  • Heat prostration due to decreased sweating can occur when drugs such as Vesicare are used in a hot environment.

What Should I Tell My Health Care Professional?

Before you start using Vesicare, tell your health care professional if you:

  • have any stomach or intestinal problems or problems with constipation

  • have trouble emptying your bladder or you have a weak urine stream

  • have an eye problem called narrow angle glaucoma

  • have liver problems

  • have kidney problems

  • are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding

Are There Any Interactions With Drugs or Foods?

Vesicare can interact with other medicines. Know the medicines you take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Keep a list of them to show your health care professional and pharmacist.

How Do I Take Vesicare?

  • Take Vesicare exactly as prescribed. Your doctor may prescribe the lowest dose if you have certain medical conditions such as liver or kidney problems.

  • You should take one Vesicare tablet once a day.

  • You should take Vesicare with liquid and swallow the tablet whole.

  • You can take Vesicare with or without food.

Vesicare FDA Approved 11/2004
Patient Information Sheet Revised 05/2005

Date created: May 27, 2005



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