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Brand Name: Natrecor®
Active Ingredient: nesiritide
Strength(s): 1.5 mg/vial
Dosage Form(s): Intravenous Injection
Company Name: Scios Inc.
Availability: Prescription only
Date Approved by FDA: August 10, 2001


What is Natrecor used for? 

Natrecor is used to treat patients with congestive heart failure who have shortness of breath at rest or with a small amount of activity. Natrecor has not been studied in children. 

Who should not be treated with Natrecor?   

Natrecor should not be given as the main treatment for patients with: 

  • shock due to abnormal heart function 
  • systolic blood pressure less than 90 mm Hg 

Do not use Natrecor if you are allergic to nesiritide or to any of the other ingredients in Natrecor. 

What should I tell my health care provider?

Tell your health care provider if you: 

  • have kidney problems 
  • are trying to become pregnant, are already pregnant, or are breast-feeding 

Tell your doctor about all the medicines that you take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your doctor if you take a certain blood pressure medicine called an ACE inhibitor. 

What are some possible side effects of Natrecor? (This is NOT a complete list of side effects reported with Natrecor. Your health care provider can discuss with you a more complete list of side effects.)

The most common side effect with Natrecor is low blood pressure. 

Posted: 11/22/2002; updated 4/16/2007



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